An overview of the project

The project aims to promote the orientation of young people through an academic apprenticeship that helps the students to be in a position to increase their skills and to make them aware of the opportunities for employment related to the energy sector. The objective of the project is therefore to raise awareness about training facilities on the themes of the green economy and to train young people from different European countries on the new professional profiles related to the energy in the building sector in a European vision. The partnership integrates operators in the field of training and the European energy sector and 80 from schools where they will be directly involved in the activities around 1,500 students and 10,000 others informed. The target population are young people between 16 and 18 years old, the schools, the institutions responsible for the management of educational/training, economic operators in the energy sector.

The project has implemented training programs for students and teachers concerning the management of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, promoting the existence of employment prospects in emerging sectors (energy/environment) and focusing on innovative professional figures. For this reason the role of companies was crucial, involved in both the international partnership at the local level in the countries where the trials have been carried out, which not only provided opportunities for internships and alternation, but participated actively and in various capacities in all phases of the project (the creation / evaluation of educational resources, participation in round tables for the development of an integrated network learning to sustainable energy) with the ultimate scope of promoting the construction of the pre-conditions necessary to convert professional guidance in real chances of employment.

Among the new occupational profiles that are emerging in Europe we can include: Chief of green building, energy Certifier, Ecoauditor, Energy Manager, Engineer for the environment. The project aims to strengthen employment opportunities by promoting awareness, improvement of the educational and involvement in the world of work.

With the project, we aimed at improving the energy performance of buildings in Europe, demonstrating concretely how you can get significant results in terms of reduction of CO2 emission starting from schools, associating it with a curricular growth of the young people involved. Therefore, in line with European initiatives on Open Education and New Skills for New Jobs, the actions of the project clearly responded to two specific objectives of the Erasmus program + in the field of education and training:

  • the enhancement of certain skills and key competences that are critical to the marketability of the vocational training courses in the job market
  • the innovation of training courses in a complementary way to the National reform policies so as to modernize VET systems