Energy analysis carried out by the students

Sustainable Energy Management @ Schools in Europe, mainly bases its foundation on the knowledge acquired thansk to two previous projects, giving continuity and follow-up, enhancing the impact in terms of young people involved, and linking the training activities with the market’s needs, investigating and giving answers about the prospects of work related to the development of green jobs in the energy and construction sectors where more and more companies are looking for new specialized profiles .

The innovation proposed by focuses strategically on:

  • Adaptation and integration of educational contents for the design and valorisation of Open Educational Resources in different European languages
  • A substantial increase in the number of recipients and the geographic areas interested by the experimentation of the proposed curriculum

In all the schools involved in the project, an Energy Management Team (EMT) has been constituted with the role of investigating the current situation with regards to energy use in school buildings and cooperate to improve it. Three surveys have been carried out by the EMT:

  • The perceptive survey, which investigates how people perceive their working environment and how it makes them feel. The results of this survey provided key areas of focus for…
  • The critical survey, which looks at the equipment and energy-related behavior in each area of the school.
  • The analytic survey, which produces an energy analysis for the school buildings and can be used to test the effectiveness of possible recommendations made as a result of the critical survey.

The EMTs then analyse the results of each of these surveys and use the findings to produce a report detailing the current situation in the school and providing recommendations on how the energy efficiency of the school can be improved. This could be followed by an energy efficiency campaign through which energy-saving behavior are promoted.